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After School Program

New World Learning Center provides a fun, caring, learning environment for school-age kids. We offer a widely varied curriculum, with core areas, supplementing your child's learning experience.

Chinese Language: The Chinese Language program teaches and reinforces the fundamentals of Chinese ( Mandarin) including conversational speaking pronunciation, reading, and writing. Students also practice reciting poetry and songs. In addition, the students have the opportunity to learn calligraphy and Chinese-style painting. Throughout the year, we discuss relevant Chinese cultural topics and holidays.

English: As a supplement to school, we reinforce and practice English skills through the use of fun games and activities such as Word Storm, Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe, and Word Morph. Students' vocabulary is increased in conjuction with our Special projects, and Thematic Units.

: By making writing fun, students can enjoy a variety of creative writing forms,such as poetry acrostics, short stories, writing their own plays and skits.

Reading: Our reading club allows students to select books or stories, read together and discuss ideas presented. Each student takes a turn as a book club discussion leader.

Homework Help: We provide help, guidance and encouragement for homework assignmentd from school. The students' spelling and match homework provide a basis for many fun activities that reinforce their schoolwork.

Moral Education: Addresses topics of good behavior such as Honor, Respect, Friendship, Courage, Responsibility, Good Sportmanships, Diligence, Helping Others, Taking Turns, Sharing and Caring.

Art: Our art projects allow students to develop their creative processes, and transferable skills such as kinesthetic awareness, manual dexterity, visualization and following directions. Example art projects: Origami( Paper folding), brush painting, modeling clay projects.

Math: Math activities include number games, graphing measurement, sudoku, currency and telling time.

Life Science/Environment: Throughout the year, the students will learn about things like plants, animals, birds and insects, and recycling and environmental awareness.

What's New
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f May 2024

• May 3 (Fri)
Corn and Salsa
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 6~10 (M~F
Teacher Appreciation Week
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• May 6 (Mon
Mom & Me Photo
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 10 (Fri
Mother's Day Tea Party
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 10 (Fri)
Mother's Day Hang Out
Walnut Creek Campus

• May 16~17 (Th~F)
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 23 (Thu)
Field Trip
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 24 (Fri)
Red Blue and White Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 27 (Mon)
Memorial Day
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• May 28 (Tue)
Father & Me Photo
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 31 (Wed)
Mismatch Day
Sunnyvale Campus


• For those interested in a Mandarin-English Bilingual Program, .......

• Dedicated teachers, interesting lessons, my son won't want to miss a school day.

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