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New World Learning Center was founded in 1998 by Dr. Lien-Hsin Chang and May Chen. New World has been providing a high quality bilingual program to South Bay Area children since then. In 2004, New World Learning Center incorporated Walnut Creek Campus to serve children in Contra Costa. In 2008, New World acquired Canon Music and built an after school program in the Cupertino Campus.

Dr. Chang graduated from Department of English Literature from Central University in Taiwan. After a few years of working as a Taiwanese Government official, he felt that the future of our society is children. He founded New World Preschool in Pingtong, Taiwan. Afterwards, he pursued and earned his Master degree and subsequently his Ph.D in the Department of Early Childhood Education from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Dr. Chang is currently a faculty member of the Dept. of Early Child Care and Education at Meiho Institute of Technology in Taiwan. He also serves as a consultant to the community of early childhood education in Pingtung, Taiwan.

May Chen earned her Bachelor degree in Chinese Literature from Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. After working with children ranging in age from preschool to high school, she decided to dedicate herself to preschool education. She earned her Master degree in the Dept. of Early Childhood Education in University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1989. She started her Family Child Care in Sunnyvale in 1992 to 1998. Within the time she also was a teacher in Chinese school in Cupertino and Rainbow Chinese School, and served on the Child Care Advisory Board in City of Sunnyvale.


Mission : To promote the development of the whole child by:

  • Developing a positive and healthy self-image through understanding and respecting individual differences.
  • Promoting curiosity and interests in their world to enjoy the process of learning.
  • Helping the child master effective communication skills through an open environment that encourages self-expression and group discussion.
  • Establish sanitary health habits.
  • Fostering the unique creativity in each child by actively encouraging various forms of creativity.
  • Facilitating learning about the world through science experiments, literature, field trips and hands-on projects.
New World Child Development Center’s goal is to meet parents’ need by creating a balanced, harmonious environment, where which ethical standards are cultivated and the child’s potential is challenged.

Curriculum :
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Language and literacy development
  • Dramatic play
  • Music and movement
  • Learning about the world of nature
  • Problem-solving and thinking skill
  • Social skills
  • Development of EQ
  • Mathematics.

What's New
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f April 2024

• Apr 4 & 5 (Th & F)
Picture Days
Sunnyvale Campus

• Apr 8 (Mon
Music Monday
Walnut Creek Campus

• Apr 9 (Tue
Field Trip
Sunnyvale Campus

• Apr 9 (Tue
Tasty Turesday
Walnut Creek Campus

• Apr 10 (Wed)
Work Together Wed
Walnut Creek Campus

• Apr 11 (Thu)
Artsy Thursday
Walnut Creek Campus

• Apr 12 (Fri)
Family Friday
Walnut Creek Campus

• Apr 12 (Fri)
Garden Salar Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Apr 17 (Wed)
Jump House Fun
Walnut Creek Campus

• Apr 18 & 19 (Th & F)
Teacher In-Service Days
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Apr 22 (Mon)
Earth Day/Neighborhood Walk
Sunnyvale Campus

• Apr 24 (Wed)
Earth Day/Nature Walk
Walnut Creek Campus


• For those interested in a Mandarin-English Bilingual Program, .......

• Dedicated teachers, interesting lessons, my son won't want to miss a school day.

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