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New World CDC- Job Opportunities

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Position:     Instructional Material Director

Job Duties:  Develop & plan instructional & educational material with paper and audio/video media system thru Lectora to provide interactive web Learning for teachers/parents and create curricula & conduct courses.

Job Requirements:             MS or equiv in Education or related

Job Site/Interview:             Sunnyvale, CA


Position:    Music Director - Percussion

Job Duties:

Responsible for planning, managing and conducting percussion ensembles for performance. Specifically, the job duties include:

1. Use gestures through conducting to shape the music being played and communicate desired tempos, phrasing, tone, color, pitch, dynamics, and other performance aspects.
2. Direct percussion ensembles at rehearsals, concerts or recording sessions to achieve the desired effects such as tonal and harmonic balance, dynamics, rhythm, and tempo.

3. Plan and schedule rehearsals and performances, and arrange details such as locations, percussion equipment and instruments to be used, percussionists, and other instrumentalists.
4. Consider such factors as percussion ensemble size and abilities, availability of scores, and the need for musical variety, to select repertoires to be performed.

5. Study musical scores to learn the music in detail, and to develop interpretations.
6. Position members within groups to obtain balance among mallet percussion or auxiliary percussion sections.

7. Transcribe musical compositions and melodic lines to adapt them to a particular percussion instrumentation, or to create a particular rhythmic style.
8. Audition and select percussionists for concerts and musical presentations.

9. Meet with soloists and principal players to discuss and prepare for performances.

Job Requirements:   Master’s degree in Music, Percussion or related plus 6 month experience.

Job Site:               10885 S. Blaney Ave., Cupertino, CA 95014

Please mail resume to:
New World Learning Center, LLC
730 E. Homestead Road

Sunnyvale, CA 94087


What's New
as o
f April 2019

• Apr 4 (Thur)
Fun with Colors Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Apr 5 (Fri)
Bring a Flower Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• Apr 5 (Fri)
Mix Matched Clothes/Shoes Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Apr 8 (Mon)
Crazy Hair Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Apr 8~9 (M~T)
Spring Picture Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• Apr 9 (Tue)
Sports Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Apr 10 (Wed)
Disney Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Apr 10
Field Trip
Walnut Creek Campus

• Apr 11~12 (Th~F)
Teacher-In-Service Day
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Apr 16 (Tue)
Picture Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Apr 17 (Wed)
Egg Coloring Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Apr 18 (Thur)
Egg Hunt
Sunnyvale Campus

• Apr 19 (Fri)
Easter Egg Hunting
Walnut Creek Campus

• Apr 19 (Fri)
Parents Night Out
Sunnyvale Campus

• Apr 19 (Fri)
Nature Walk
Sunnyvale Campus

• Apr 22 (Mon)
Earth Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• Apr 23 (Tue)
Nature Walk
Walnut Creek Campus


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