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Newsletter | New World CDC |  January 2024

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In December: winter hat day was fun we enjoyed our hats big and small.  Pajamas and hot chocolate was a yummy treat with marshmallows. Christmas came by fast and has left us, however, we enjoyed all the art activities, like making reindeer and Xmas trees and decorating bags and stuffing stocking and exchanging gifts and enjoyed taking home cookies!  Thank you, parents whom we received Christmas gift it was a nice gesture of kindness we appreciate it, and we enjoy your children helping them become independent individuals they are strong and lovable!   As we look into the new year enjoy your holiday season and we look forward to a nice healthy fun adventures!!!


For January,
Happy new year and welcome back!



letter: A, B            number: 1, 2
shape: square        color: blue

As we welcomed everyone and our new friend Ethan who has joined us He’s such a big boy adjusting his new routine. We started a birthday happy birthday goes out to Mabel who is 3 and potty trained!! Great job big girl!!  As we came back to class, we all talked about Christmas and trips, and what we did on our long holiday.  On the 8th wear silver or white for the cold weather, on the 12th bring in a musical instrument and on the 15th Marin Luther King’s day, so we will be closed for teacher in service. On the 26th, it’s snowy day! We will paint with white paint to make snow. January will be a fast month as we can’t wait to get to February!!



What's New
as o
f January 2024

• Feb 3 (Sat)
Open House
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan 1 (Mon
New Year Day
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Jan 3 (Wed
Name Snowman
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jan 4 (Thu
Sharing Winter Break
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan 8 (Mon)
Silver and White Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan 10 (Wed)
Mitten Project
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jan 12 (Fri)
Musical Instruments Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan 15 (Mon)
Teacher In-Service Day
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Jan 17 (Wed)
Snow Globe Project
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jan 17 (Wed)
Winter Hat Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan 19 (Fri)
Hot Coco Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan 24 (Wed
Ice Science Experiments
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jan 26 (Fri)
Snow Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan 31 (Wed)
Cinnamon Sugar Snowflakes
Walnut Creek Campus


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