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Newsletter | New World CDC |  January 2022

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Blue Room

December is what a short month we had! We all learned the color Red and can sing the color song! We enjoyed making special projects and like having hot cocoa, PJ fun and wear winter hat! We made the marshmallow treats, hand collage, we had fun making Santa hat cookies too! Making the colors red and green fun for holiday fun!

This month we will be losing Ms. Leslie, best wishes to your next adventure! We will be seeing new faces in our class from rainbow room, welcome! We will be closed for the holiday and will be back after new year!

Letter: A-B         Number: 1-2

Color: Blue          Shapes: square

Happy new year! January will be a happy healthy month as we talk about healthy habits during the cold weather. And again we will learn the fun activities we can do during winter. Please make sure your child wears or brings a jacket on daily basis, please label, thank you!

On January 3, school will offer on site Covid testing, on January 5, please wear silver and white day to school!

On January 14, your child can bring a musical instrument for sharing in class. School will close for January 17 no school for students, it’s teacher in-service day. On January 19, we will make rice crispy treats and on January 28 , it’s mismatch day, please be silly!

Happy Holidays to you all!

What's New
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f January 2022

• Jan 3 (Mon)
Covid-19 Testing Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan 5 (Wed)
Silver and White Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan 6 (Thu
Snow & Water Marbles
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jan 14 (Fri)
Musical Instrument Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan 17 (Mon)
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Jan 19 (Wed)
Rice Crispy
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan19 (Wed)
Ice Experiments
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jan 26 (Wed)
Cinnamon Suger Snowflakes
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jan 28 (Fri)
Mismatch Day
Sunnyvale Campus


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