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During the month of July, we started out with our holiday parade! And a nice 3-day weekend. We welcomed new friends, Mason, Jasper and Viva. We had a great hat day! With many different hats! We made a forest animal collage" also listen to bear stories and enjoyed our water squires outside" we sang twinkle" twinkle little star! And placed doggie bones in our purple diamond" which was our doggie door" for our doggie house so proud that all our friends now the color purple and the diamond shape" we always search for who’s wearing the color of the month every morning! And our friends are becoming very excited to tell us that they are wearing that color" such great troopers" we have! We also made fingerprint caterpillars" and butterflies too

And a special thank you to our parents for all your donations for our raffle baskets you guys are awesome!

In August, we will learn the color is yellow shape rectangle number 3-4 letter o and p. This month is summer! Along with water and dinosaurs on Friday the 5th please wear your color blue! For a cool relaxing Friday! We will make blue jell-o on the 10th and eat it all up! Yummy in our tummies and the 18th we will be searching for dinosaurs! Big and small my friends all love dinosaurs on the 22 big kids move up to the next class reminders: big kids need to be fully potty trained before moving to the big kid class we have lots of potty trainers in the coming months, please work with your child at home, also underwear is a must!!!! Pull ups are becoming convenient but really hard to work with, we would appreciate it. On the 26 it’s our annual BBQ! Please take note and join in the fun making new friends and greeting old ones!  On the 30th we will have a sports day wear your special sports team shirt!!  Please check with teacher about sunscreen to make sure we have enough we apply in the late afternoon. Thank you1


Happy August!


What's New
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f August 2022

• Aug 5 (Fri)
Blue/Ocean Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Aug 10 (Wed
Making Blue Jell-O
Sunnyvale Campus

• Aug 11 (Thu)
Dinosaur Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• Aug 15 (Mon)
Sight (Eyes)
Walnut Creek Campus

• Aug 16 (Tue)
Smell (Nose)
Walnut Creek Campus

• Aug 17 (Wed)
Hear (Ears)
Walnut Creek Campus

• Aug 18 (Thu)
Scavenger Hunt-Dinosaurs
Sunnyvale Campus

• Aug 18 (Thu
Touch (Hands)
Walnut Creek Campus

• Aug 19 (Fri)
Taste (Mouth)
Walnut Creek Campus

• Aug 22 (Mon)
Bigger Students moving up
Sunnyvale Campus

• Aug 25 (Thu)
Larkey Park
Walnut Creek Campus

• Aug 26 (Fri)
Alumni Reunion BBQ
Ortega Park
Sunnyvale Campus

• Aug 30 (Tue)
Sports Jersey Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Sep 2 (Fri)
Teacher In-Service Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Sep 5 (Mon)
Labor Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus


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