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Hello Red Room and happy August.

It’s hard to believe that Summer is almost over. Yes, it is time for our last group of students to move up to the yellow room making space for the group of new Red Room students. We are excited. It’s also time for some of us to say goodbye to Ms. Alice and Hello to Ms. Adetunji. The transition will be smooth and will happen on Monday the August 22.

Our themes for the month of August will be Under the Sea/ Ocean, Dinosaurs and Sport. Red Room Teachers for the school year 2022-2023 will be Ms. Sue and Ms. Adetunji.

To our new students and parents, Welcome. The red room experience promises to be a fun and rewarding one. We value your open communication and involvement. To those who will be continuing in the Red Room, thank you for making our Red Room environment so welcoming. The first two weeks with our new students, will be spent making sure that they are comfortable. After that we will move full speed ahead into our summer plans.

August dates to remember are as follows:

8/5 Fri. Blue/ Ocean Day (wear something Blue or Ocean themed); 8/10 Wed. Making Blue Jell-O; 8/18 Thur. Scavenger Hunt- Dinosaurs; 8/22 Mon. Bigger students moving up; 8/26 Fri. 5:30-8pm Walking Field Trip; Alumni BBQ and potluck; 8/30 Tue. Sport Jersey Day;9/2 Fri. Teacher in Service; Center closed for students

Happy Birthday to our friends, Christopher and Rose!


What's New
as o
f August 2022

• Aug 5 (Fri)
Blue/Ocean Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Aug 10 (Wed
Making Blue Jell-O
Sunnyvale Campus

• Aug 11 (Thu)
Dinosaur Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• Aug 15 (Mon)
Sight (Eyes)
Walnut Creek Campus

• Aug 16 (Tue)
Smell (Nose)
Walnut Creek Campus

• Aug 17 (Wed)
Hear (Ears)
Walnut Creek Campus

• Aug 18 (Thu)
Scavenger Hunt-Dinosaurs
Sunnyvale Campus

• Aug 18 (Thu
Touch (Hands)
Walnut Creek Campus

• Aug 19 (Fri)
Taste (Mouth)
Walnut Creek Campus

• Aug 22 (Mon)
Bigger Students moving up
Sunnyvale Campus

• Aug 25 (Thu)
Larkey Park
Walnut Creek Campus

• Aug 26 (Fri)
Alumni Reunion BBQ
Ortega Park
Sunnyvale Campus

• Aug 30 (Tue)
Sports Jersey Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Sep 2 (Fri)
Teacher In-Service Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Sep 5 (Mon)
Labor Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus


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