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Newsletter | New World CDC |  July 2023

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Red Room

Hello Red room parents,

We want to wish all of you a Joyous month of July! I’d like to introduce myself; my name is Ms. TT! I’m the English teacher here in the Red room. I will be teaching your children English through back-and-forth conversations during circle time, playtime, lunch time, and through guided activities and lessons.
  Our theme this month will be Camping and Sea Life.

Thank you all for helping make Father’s Day Special! Our Transitions and Promotions are going well! I’d like to welcome all new families to the Red room and invite you all
to bring family photo to add on our Family Board.

Summer Fruit day was a delicious success. The children enjoyed cutting and preparing fresh fruit salads. Picnic on the playground was also very nice. All the children enjoyed eating outside and the company of the yellow room was a big hit! Thank you, Families.
  Also, parents please can you bring swim wear, towel and if available water shoes? (Please leave in cubby) The Red room will have water play as the weather permits.

We will be practicing the pledge of Allegiance as we prepare for Independence Day! Thank you for trusting me to teach and care for your precious bundles of joy. I look forward to working with you as a team to help foster your child’s development and education.

July Dates to Remember are:
July 3 Making Flag Jell-O
July 3 Independence Day parade(Wear red, white and blue)
July 4 Independence Day Center Closed
July 20 Teddy Bear Nap outside
July 21 Teddy Bear Nap outside
July 25 Making s’mores
July 28 Hawaiian Day (Wear bright colors)
TBD Water Play

What's New
as o
f July 2023

• Jul 3 (Mon
Independence Day Parade
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jul 4 (Tue
Independence Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 5 (Wed
Larkey Park
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 12 (Wed)
Summer Hat Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jul 12 (Wed)
Camp Out
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 19 (Wed)
Larkey Park
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 21 (Fri)
Teddy Bear Nap Outside
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jul 25 (Tue)
Making Smores
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jul 26 (Wed)
Jumphouse Fun
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 28 (Fri)
Hawaiian Day
Sunnyvale Campus


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