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Newsletter | New World CDC |  January 2022

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Red Room


It is the most wonderful time of the year! I hope during this holiday season, you and your family stay safe. During December, Red Room had a blast celebrating this holiday season. We drank hot cocoa while wearing our pajamas. We made winter theme cupcakes and cookies. We went to Christmas in the park and saw many Christmas trees! The decorations were amazing, and the children loved them. Once again, thank you to the parents who volunteered! We could not have done it without you. Our Christmas performance was a success, too! Thank you for taking the time to join Zoom and watch your child perform. They did so well! We also exchanged gifts! The children had a great time opening their presents. Thank you for participating! We truly appreciate the partnership. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our themes of January are winter fun and healthy habits during winter! Happy New Year! We look forward to spending the new year with everyone. 

Upcoming Activities:


Jan. 1      New Year 
Jan. 3     On-site COVID-19 Test 
Jan. 5     Silver and White Day 
Jan. 14   Bring Music Instrument Day
Jan. 17   No School: Teacher in Service Day
Jan. 19   Making Rice Krispie
Jan. 28   Mismatch Day

What's New
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f January 2022

• Jan 3 (Mon)
Covid-19 Testing Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan 5 (Wed)
Silver and White Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan 6 (Thu
Snow & Water Marbles
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jan 14 (Fri)
Musical Instrument Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan 17 (Mon)
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Jan 19 (Wed)
Rice Crispy
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jan19 (Wed)
Ice Experiments
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jan 26 (Wed)
Cinnamon Suger Snowflakes
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jan 28 (Fri)
Mismatch Day
Sunnyvale Campus


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