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Rainbow room Newsletter

Good news! We have started to use our new playground. Thank you for Ms. May's decision to design our outside lawn area to be fancier and more functional for our children. The soft pad moves the source brush out. A big pine tree and the oak tree still stand there to provide a good shield for the birds and squirrels and great entertainment for the children.

Alaina likes both American food and Chinese food. She was surprised when she opened up the lunch box lid. Every time there is different yummy food and desserts, she will clap her hands.

Evelyn is the oldest in our classroom. She can say sentences that express her needs. For example, she would say, " wo yao chi xi gua." The meaning in Chinese is, "I want to eat watermelon."

Catherine went to visit her grandparents. We hoped that she and her family enjoyed the time.

Mabel has her own opinions. She plays with toy trucks and lets the trucks go into the background! She builds Lego not just to go up tall but also to make it wide.

Iris listens to the teachers. For example, not to climb on the table, sit down while drinking water, clean up toys, and take turns when playing slide with her friends. Well done Iris!

Oliver is active. He rolled over and moved everywhere he wanted to go. He lifts his head and gives his friends a big smile.

Asha likes to ride bikes in our new outside playground. Children are racing and chasing in an excited mood.

Liam has good eyes. He picked up a tiny piece of rice from the floor and gave it to the teachers. He picked up a small stone from the ground and gave it to his friends.

Stanton always smiles when he plays with friends. He likes the toys that make melody sounds, and he will move his arms and legs.

Hudson gives his mom a sweet smile inside the window when his mom drops him off at school. He seemed like he wanted to let his mom know that he is happy at school.

Ethan's little hand holds a color rattle, and he shakes it. He enjoys it. He moves his head to the left and right with a happy face.

Katherine is our youngest baby. She is 4 months old. She is curious about everything in the classroom. Especially the chimney that makes sounds with the wind.

Rainbow Room Teachers

What's New
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f September 2022

• Sep 2 (Fri)
Teacher In-Service Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Sep 5 (Mon
Labor Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Sep 7 (Wed)
Color Spirit Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• Sep 9 (Fri)
Back-to-Scchool Night
Sunnyvale Campus

• Sep 9 (Fri)
Making Mooncakes
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Sep 12 & 13 (M+Tu)
Family Picture Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Sep 14 (Wed)
Favorit Book Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• Sep 21 (Wed
Favorite Mask Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• Sep 23 (Fri)
Stuffed Animal Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Sep 27 (Tue)
Apple Sharig Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Sep 28 (Wed)
All About Me Poster Sharing
Walnut Creek Campus


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