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Rainbow room Newsletter


Oliver learned how to eat with a spoon. He picks up a tiny grain of rice from the highchair, then tries to put it on the spoon. He very carefully moves the spoon to his mouth. Success! His fine motor skills are developing very well. 

Lily loves to crawl onto the slide and slide down. She repeats this several times. Her happy face lets us know that she is enjoying this new skill that she has developed. Her large motor skills are developing very well. 

Sasha is like a little princess. She has excellent service from home. She has two sisters to help her. One sister holds her lunch box, and another sister holds her jacket. Mom uses one hand to carry her, and the other hand to carry her shoes. Wow everyone does a great job for Sasha. 

Lewis stands up without holding the wall or table. He is very active. He throws the small ball and kicks the big ball. After playing, he drinks all his milk. Have a wonderful summer in China.

Alessia likes watermelon. She saw her friends walk close to her highchair. She used both hands to cover the watermelon. She does not want anyone to take a piece of her watermelon.

Riley points at the "under-the-sea" poster on the wall. She says “yu” which means fish in Chinese. She points to the fish tank in the classroom, and she says fish very loudly. She is bilingual. 

Zoe’s shining eyes are curious. She looks around the classroom. She watches the moving toys, the butterflies, the dragonflies, and the ladybugs, hanging from the ceiling. She waves her hands. She watches the colorful small balls on the floor, and she kicks her feet. 

Katherine’s grandparents came to pick her up. Grandma kissed her on the left cheek and Grandpa kissed her on the right cheek. She showed how happy she was with a big smile. 

Liam calls Zoe and Katherine “mei mei”. That means younger sister in Chinese. He is patiently waiting for his own “mei mei”. His mom tells him, he will be a big brother in August. 

Hudson took a very good nap recently. After his nap, the teacher read a big book for the class. Hudson concentrated very well and watched the pictures of animals intensely. 

Staton has big and strong muscles. During outdoor play time, he pushed the big wagon, very fast. Inside the wagon, he carried some balls. The ball bounced out of the wagon. The children and the teachers laughed and clapped their hands.

What's New
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f July 2023

• Jul 3 (Mon
Independence Day Parade
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jul 4 (Tue
Independence Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 5 (Wed
Larkey Park
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 12 (Wed)
Summer Hat Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jul 12 (Wed)
Camp Out
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 19 (Wed)
Larkey Park
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 21 (Fri)
Teddy Bear Nap Outside
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jul 25 (Tue)
Making Smores
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jul 26 (Wed)
Jumphouse Fun
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 28 (Fri)
Hawaiian Day
Sunnyvale Campus


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