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Newsletter | New World CDC |  November 2021

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Rainbow room Newsletter



Hello to all our rainbow room families.

Let’s welcome our newest student, Penelope. A very happy birthday to Evan. He will move up to the blue room on November 20. Congratulations Evan.

look! Oh cute babies a growing and developing so well.

Robbie likes to play with cars especially school buses. And fire engine. She makes zoom zoom sounds, pretending to drive the car.

Robert eats very well. He uses his spoon slowly spoon by spoon, and he grows taller inch by inch.

When Jennifer was her skirt, she likes to twirl her body around and let her skirt fly up. She likes that beautiful princess effect.

Enero likes team up with Lucas. They build long trains together using blocks. They stand on top of the slide and watch the leaves falling outside together. Evan has very good balance. He has never had an incident report. He likes to collect acorns from outside on the lawn.

Han Lynn is verbal. She can say a whole sentences, and she can copy her teachers’ tones. “Zuo zuo” men’s sit down in Chinese.

Lucas handles separation from his parents very well upon drop off. He waves goodbye and he smiles. He knows that he is safe and parents will come back.

Zoe understands and processes information very well. She listens to teachers’ instructions, and she follows those instructions to do exercises.

Catherine is successful at balancing. She hold herself up tall and very proud. She smiles big and bright with each step.

Penelope is new. She knows how to get her teachers’ attention. On her first day, she ate 95% of her food.

Evelyn enjoys her mommy ‘s homemade pancakes. Sometimes mom makes a good pea, sometimes eggs with carrots. Small pancakes are all the same size. Mom always does such a good job.

Just plays very well with his friends. He is gentle and he knows how to take turns when playing in a group. His social skills are very well developed.

November activities:

1.    Halloween, we had a fun time. They were all cute in their costumes.

2.   Will do handprints to make a turkey.

3.   We will dance to Indian music.

4.   Children will practice sharing and taking turns.

5.   We will read from big picture books.

What's New
as o
f November 2021

• Nov 4 (Thu)
Diwali Celebration
Sunnyvale Campus

• Nov 5 (Fri)
Fruit Sharing Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Nov 10 (Wed
Fruit Salad Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• Nov 11 (Thu)
Veterans Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Nov 12 (Fri)
Field Trip
Sunnyvale Campus

• Nov 16 (Tue)
Bread Sharing Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Nov 18 (Thu)
Stone Soup
Walnut Creek Campus

• Nov 19 (Fri)
Stone Soup
Sunnyvale Campus

• Nov 23 (Tue)
Thanksgiving Performance
Sunnyvale Campus

• Nov 24 (Wed)
Thankgiving Performance
Walnut Creek Campus

• Nov 25 & 26 (T&F)
Thanksgiving Days
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus


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