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Newsletter | New World CDC |  May 2022

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Rainbow room Newsletter


A big rainbow room welcome to Alaina. She is our new rainbow room student. 

Happy birthday to Lucas. His birthday is May 5th. He will be moving up to the blue room. He’s able to feed himself. He can say whole sentences. He can kick both big and small ball. He can climb up on the bench and climb back down. He knows how to share toys with friends. He is very well developed.

Robbie likes to dance with fast rock and roll music. His hands and feet are smooth and coordinated when he moves. We all enjoy his performances.

Catherine points to her new shoes. She shows us how beautiful her purple sneakers are. They match a purple jacket. 

Zoe is back from Mexico. She has a little bit of a tan. She’s still a little bit jetlagged. We can only imagine that she had lots of fun on her vacation. 

Asher tried to take a step when holding on to the toy walker. She is interested in the moving wheels. They move so very fast.

Jasper has his own opinions. He chooses which foods he would eat first, and which fruits he would eat last.  He has excellent hearing. He is usually the first to observe that there’s an airplane coming.

Evelyn likes her mom‘s home made veggie and egg pancakes. She puts the cake on her palm smells first then starts eating. In the morning she eats two. In the afternoon she eats two. After eating pancakes she says “more more.“

Activities for the month of May:
1.Will make heart shaped cards for mom
2. May 6 Friday Mother’s Day tea party 630 to 8:30. We will sing I love you mom in English and Chinese.

The weather has changed. please put sun block on your child before coming to school. In the afternoon the teacher will apply sunblock for children again.

Thank you.

What's New
as o
f May 2022

• May 2 (Mon)
Flower for Mommy
Walnut Creek Campus

• May 7 (Tue)
Mommy & me Picture week
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 4 (Wed)
Disney Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 4 (Wed)
Mama Flags
Walnut Creek Campus

• May 5 (Thu)
Best Mom Ribbons Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• May 6 (Fri)
Mother's Day Tea Party
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 6 (Fri)
Mother's Day Gathering
Walnut Creek Campus

• May 9~14 (M~F)
Teacher-Appreciation Week
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 13 (Fri)
Pajama Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 18 (Wed)
Walking Field Trip
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 20 (Fri)
Parents Night Out
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 25~26 (W~Th)
Bike Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 26~27 (Th~F)
Bike Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• May 27 (Fri)
Red, White, Blue Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 30 (Mon)
Memorial Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Jun 3 (Fri)
Dragon Boat Festival
Sunnyvale Campus


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