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Rainbow room Newsletter


The teacher gives the water cup to Zoe. She takes it and says "Thank you." Lily's mother came to take Lily home, Lily was so happy that she forgot to take the water cup. Zoe picked up Lily's water cup from the table, shouted "Lily-Lily", ran towards Lily and gave the water cup to Lily. (Language development/Knowing yourself and others)

Katherine quietly climbed on the pillow. Lily knelt down next to Katherine and patted her back. She turned her head to look into Katherine's eyes and patted her back again. Lily is imitating the adult babysitting.

Welcome new member Astrid to the Rainbow Class

老师把水杯给Zoe,她接过水杯时说谢谢。”Lily的妈妈来接Lily回家,Lily高兴,忘记了拿水杯,Zoe在桌子上拿起Lily的水杯,喊着:“Lily- Lily”,朝着Lily跑过去,把水杯交给Lily。(语言的发展/认识自己和别人




What's New
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f May 2024

• May 3 (Fri)
Corn and Salsa
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 6~10 (M~F
Teacher Appreciation Week
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• May 6 (Mon
Mom & Me Photo
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 10 (Fri
Mother's Day Tea Party
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 10 (Fri)
Mother's Day Hang Out
Walnut Creek Campus

• May 16~17 (Th~F)
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 23 (Thu)
Field Trip
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 24 (Fri)
Red Blue and White Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 27 (Mon)
Memorial Day
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• May 28 (Tue)
Father & Me Photo
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 31 (Wed)
Mismatch Day
Sunnyvale Campus


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