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Newsletter | New World CDC |  September 2022

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Yellow Room

Dear Parents,

Goodbye August, hello September! Time flies so fast during Summer! The warm summer weather will be dearly missed. Mr. Zane and Ms. Adetunji expanded on the topic of camping in the forest. We learned about different types of forests, and the animal's habitats. Children made crafts and art of the animals. We also learned about the ocean and its animals. We made blue Jell-O like the ocean, and they tasted delicious. We welcomed new children from the Red Room! We all look forward to playing and having fun together in the school year!

We are very excited about the new school year. We look forward to getting to your child and the family. September's themes are my family, school and friend, and my senses.

Upcoming activities:

9/2 Teachers in Service Day: No School;
9/5 Labor Day: No School;
9/9 Making Mooncake;
9/9 Back to School Night - Parents ONLY;
9/10 Mid-Autumn Festival;
9/11 Grandparents Day;
9/12-13 Family Picture Sharing Day;
9/22 First Day of Fall;
9/23 Bring a Stuffed Animal Day ;
9/27 Apple Sharing Day;
9/29 Making Apple Pies

Yellow Room Teachers

What's New
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f September 2022

• Sep 2 (Fri)
Teacher In-Service Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Sep 5 (Mon
Labor Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Sep 7 (Wed)
Color Spirit Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• Sep 9 (Fri)
Back-to-Scchool Night
Sunnyvale Campus

• Sep 9 (Fri)
Making Mooncakes
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Sep 12 & 13 (M+Tu)
Family Picture Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Sep 14 (Wed)
Favorit Book Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• Sep 21 (Wed
Favorite Mask Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• Sep 23 (Fri)
Stuffed Animal Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Sep 27 (Tue)
Apple Sharig Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Sep 28 (Wed)
All About Me Poster Sharing
Walnut Creek Campus


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