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Newsletter | New World CDC |  May 2022

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Yellow Room

Hello again to our yellow room family. We wish everyone a magnificent month of May. Our themes this month will be Mothers, and Transportations.

We have once again completed another successful month of events with our wonderful boys and girls. The highlight of April was our field trip to the farm. The boys and girls were excited about seeing the peacocks, the goats, the cows, the pigs, the chickens, to name a few. The ability to take trips like this, gives us great sense of satisfaction.

We thank you for your continued diligence and cooperation. Together we continue to create for our boys and girls, an environment that is as normal as possible. 

Pandemic fatigue: This is a term that I continue to hear recently. The term suggests that people are just tired of the pandemic and all the modifications that goes along with it. It suggests that individuals are beginning to let their guard down and become complacent. We cannot afford to be counted among those exhibiting the symptoms pandemic fatigue. Our boys and girls are too important, and their safe, healthy childhood experiences are too vital. As the community requirements continue to change all around us, we say thank you for taking all precautions to keep yourself and your child safe. In so doing, you have been the most important part of keeping our classroom safe. Let’s keep up the good work.


May’s dates to remember: 
May 3 bring a mom and me picture during this week
May 4 Disney day miss fifth Cinco de Mayo day make guacamole 
May 6 Mother’s Day tea party 6:30 to 8:30 
May 8 Mother’s Day May 9-14 teacher-appreciation week
May 13 pajama day
May 18 walking field trip
May 20 parents night out 6:30 to 9:00 
May 25 and 26th bike day where
May 27 wear red, white and blue
May 30 Memorial Day: center close
June 3 Dragon boat Festival making zongzi


What's New
as o
f May 2022

• May 2 (Mon)
Flower for Mommy
Walnut Creek Campus

• May 7 (Tue)
Mommy & me Picture week
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 4 (Wed)
Disney Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 4 (Wed)
Mama Flags
Walnut Creek Campus

• May 5 (Thu)
Best Mom Ribbons Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• May 6 (Fri)
Mother's Day Tea Party
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 6 (Fri)
Mother's Day Gathering
Walnut Creek Campus

• May 9~14 (M~F)
Teacher-Appreciation Week
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 13 (Fri)
Pajama Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 18 (Wed)
Walking Field Trip
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 20 (Fri)
Parents Night Out
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 25~26 (W~Th)
Bike Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 26~27 (Th~F)
Bike Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• May 27 (Fri)
Red, White, Blue Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• May 30 (Mon)
Memorial Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Jun 3 (Fri)
Dragon Boat Festival
Sunnyvale Campus


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