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Newsletter | New World CDC |  November 2021

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Hello again yellow room. We are wishing everyone an awesome November to remember.

Our two themes this month will be, “Harvest Season” and “Thanksgiving”. We are ready for all of the fun and excitement that the holiday season brings. 

Please pay attention to the changes in the weather and make sure that your child always has appropriate change of clothing in his or her cubby. We are preparing for our second field trip this school year. If you are planning on chaperoning this or any other field trip, please go ahead and get those paperwork in to the office. During this holiday season we knows that families will be planning vacations. Do try and keep your child’s teachers in the loop when they will be taking some time off.

November dates to remember are as follows: 

November 4 Diwali celebration

November 5 fruit sharing day November 7 ends daylight savings time 

November 11 Veterans Day the center will be closed 

November 12 field trip to farmers market 915 to 11:30 AM 

November 16 bread sharing day

November 19 making stone soup

November 23 Thanksgiving performance zoom gathering

November 25 and 26 Thanksgiving Observance Center will be closed.

Let’s have an amazing month of November.

What's New
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f November 2021

• Nov 4 (Thu)
Diwali Celebration
Sunnyvale Campus

• Nov 5 (Fri)
Fruit Sharing Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Nov 10 (Wed
Fruit Salad Day
Walnut Creek Campus

• Nov 11 (Thu)
Veterans Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Nov 12 (Fri)
Field Trip
Sunnyvale Campus

• Nov 16 (Tue)
Bread Sharing Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Nov 18 (Thu)
Stone Soup
Walnut Creek Campus

• Nov 19 (Fri)
Stone Soup
Sunnyvale Campus

• Nov 23 (Tue)
Thanksgiving Performance
Sunnyvale Campus

• Nov 24 (Wed)
Thankgiving Performance
Walnut Creek Campus

• Nov 25 & 26 (T&F)
Thanksgiving Days
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus


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