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Newsletter | New World CDC |  July 2023

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July is another month where we celebrate Red, White, and Blue.  This is honor of Independence Day.  The children have been learning about the 4th of July and have been very creative in their red, white, and blue projects and activities.

Our themes for July are “Camping” and “Sea Life.”

July 3 is our Red, White and Blue Parade.  The parade is fun for us here at school.  It is not an official family activity; it is something we do marching around our playground in our red, white and blue clothing.

July 4 we will be closed in honor of Independence Day.  Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

As always, please apply sunscreen to your child in the morning before coming to school.  The teachers will again apply it in the afternoon before going outside.  Parents are responsible for supplying sunscreen; and New World CDC has a sunscreen permission form for you to fill out. 

Please be reminded to follow your child’s daily schedule as you have given to the office.  This allows us to properly staff the classrooms; and it also helps us to share our parking spaces with other families.  We appreciate all our families’ efforts in picking up your child in a timely manner and not staying for an extended period at pick-up so as to give another parent a place to park.

One half of 2023 has now passed.  We hope that everyone is having wonderful vacations; for those of you not going on vacations, we hope you are having a safe and happy summer, too!



What's New
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f July 2023

• Jul 3 (Mon
Independence Day Parade
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jul 4 (Tue
Independence Day
Centers CLOSED
Sunnyvale/Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 5 (Wed
Larkey Park
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 12 (Wed)
Summer Hat Day
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jul 12 (Wed)
Camp Out
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 19 (Wed)
Larkey Park
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 21 (Fri)
Teddy Bear Nap Outside
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jul 25 (Tue)
Making Smores
Sunnyvale Campus

• Jul 26 (Wed)
Jumphouse Fun
Walnut Creek Campus

• Jul 28 (Fri)
Hawaiian Day
Sunnyvale Campus


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